Animal Crossing Music (Chrome extension)

Play Animal Crossing's background music in real-time throughout your day!

Animal Crossing Music is an unofficial, non-profit, open-source project that allows you to play music from the Animal Crossing series in your browser. It makes use of Nintendo’s resources under Fair Use.


➤ Hourly music
Play hourly background music in real-time. Raining and snowing versions are included!
➤ Live weather
Share your location to automatically switch hourly music to the corresponding weather version!
➤ K.K. Slider
You can listen K.K. play his mitical songs, either 24/7 or only on Saturday afternoons.
➤ Town Tune
Compone your own Town Tune and make it play on each hour change!
Read about the full set of features here!

How to install

Chrome Webstore

Animal Crossing Music is published in the Chrome Webstore. To install the latest version of the extension just click ‘Add to Chrome’.

Github Repository

As an open-source project, the source code of the extension is available in Github. You are free to download it and manually install it.




If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to jump into the project’s discord channel.


You may also reach out to us through the following email:

[email protected]